Terms and Conditions

1. No cancellations/refunds/returns. When you submit payment for your order, it is locked and cannot be cancelled/refunded or modified in any way. We as a company are subject to a no refund policy with the cabinet manufacturer. Exchanges are available on a case by case basis and are subject to a 25% fee per item. Exchange orders must be paid for and completed via Denver Cabinet Express prior to pickup as this may increase your current lead time. Exchanges are not available on factory built cabinetry.
• Any credit due from an exchange will be issued as store credit in the form of a voucher code.
2. All cabinetry is stocked with doors pre-hung to their faceframe. Wall cabinets may be flipped over, and all other cabinet doors are to be flipped on the job site. This will require a touch up kit to fill previous small screw holes and will be unnoticeable after completion.
3. You cannot purchase additional items when you arrive to pickup your order. All orders must be submitted and processed on our website before being picked up.
4. All designs done by Denver Cabinet Express or any affiliate must be verified by the customer before order placement. We are not liable for inaccuracies of any kind and all cabinetry ordered and it's accuracy is the responsibility of the customer.
5. Our solid wood door samples are cut from real doors.  These may splinter while handling so please be careful.  

Damage and Warranty Procedure:
1. Unbox all cabinetry as soon as possible and inspect for any damage.
2. If damage is found, do not install that specific cabinet.
3. Email Chris@DenverCabinetExpress.com a picture of the damaged item and include what cabinet it is.
A warranty order will be created for you immediately. Once you receive the warranty order number via email, you can then bring the damaged items back along with the warranty order number and they will be exchanged with suitable replacements.
• Damage and warranty is rare however it does happen. We understand that it can be inconvenient and we will do everything in our power to expedite each situation.
The cabinet vendor and/or Denver Cabinet Express are not responsible for transporting damaged/warranty items to and from the plant. This is your responsibility, even if cabinetry was assembled and delivered by the cabinet vendor.
• Highland Cabinetry styles carry a lifetime limited warranty.

Warped Door Replacement:
• Adjustment of door hinges is a required final step in any kitchen and bath install. If doors do not sit flat after maximum adjustment and pull away more than 1/4" from the face frame, follow the warranty procedure listed above. These often need a change of seasons to acclimate.

Note: Painted doors will now be HDF vs solid birch to dramatically bring down the probability of warping.  All stained doors will remain solid birch.

Cabinet Assembly:
• If you are curious how the cabinet vendor will be building your cabinetry or if you are building it yourself, please watch our assembly videos located on the home page. It is not a cam lock type system and follows a more advanced traditional build. We strongly discourage building our cabinetry unless you are a professional woodworker and you are in a major time crunch. No instructions or parts list is available and the cabinetry may not match the assembly videos exactly. It is up to the customer to purchase additional hardware if necessary.

• Poor assembly by the cabinet vendor including protruding screws, exposed nails and split wood is rare but unacceptable and needs to be replaced. Please do not proceed with the cabinet install and try and fix these issues yourself as there is absolutely no compensation for time spent. This is the responsibility of the cabinet vendor to QC product as it leaves the plant and they are responsible to provide suitable replacements.
• If you find any assembly issues, please follow the warranty replacement steps above.

• Lead times shown on our website may vary due to sudden increases in volume or backorders. They are solely an estimate based on current order lead times.
• Due to drastic sales increases at unforeseen times, we will occasionally run into backorders. Our goal is to handle backorders as fast as possible by sourcing the out of stock item from other locations nationwide. Typical backorders are handled within the standard lead time however this is a case by case basis and may run longer depending on various factors.
Do not schedule countertop templates until all base cabinets are installed.  We are not liable for delays in countertop templates, overall project delays, etc. We are and always will be a fantastic option for clients who need cabinetry quickly in a bind. If you are on an extremely tight schedule, please email us first to check stock before placing your order.