What do we need to begin your cabinet design?

What do we need to begin your cabinet design?

For design assistance, here is what I require, to give you (the contractor or end user) a good, realistic and accurate design.  

To begin a design, I need either a floor plan or a rough sketch with dimensions that includes where any windows, doors, patio doors, or appliances need to be. Appliance sizes should be included, especially if they are different than the normal 30" range, 30" microwave hood or range hood and 24" dishwasher. Generally, refrigerators can be anywhere from 24" wide (apartment size) up to 42" wide (Sub Zero type sizes). To go along with these dimensions, the ceiling height will be needed so that the correct size of wall or tall cabinets can be used, as well as to see if there is room for any crown molding to go around the top of the cabinets.

 Next, I need to know what door style/color you prefer. It's not necessary to start with, but before a quote can be given that needs to be locked down as it takes a bit of time to switch door styles/colors on the quote.

 Specialty cabinets are helpful, not only to you but also to help tailor your kitchen to your cooking style. Some customers want the basics like a double trash cabinet pull out included. Others want to really dress things up and include glass doors, wine rack, roll out trays, spice pull out bases, etc. These are not only helpful to know ahead of time for design purposes, but also for you to get an idea of how and where they might be used.

When we provide a quote, your initial sales tax will be estimated and will be changed upon entry of your address and whether you choose customer pickup or delivery.  If customer pickup is selected, your tax rate will be adjusted to the sales tax rate of where the distribution center is, which is 8%.  If you choose delivery, the system will run your address and populate the sales tax for your jurisdiction. 

This covers the basic things we need to begin a design for you.  Design is fun and a great way to visualize your space before we make it come to life.  We truly hope you enjoy the process as much as we do. 

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